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Watkins promises more police for illawarra

Watkins promises more police for illawarra

MARK WATKINS/FAIRFAX NZ Police are keeping watch around Sydney Park to ensure the area stays safe.

Police are taking precautionary measures around Sydney Park in the wake of the Newtown shooting to ensure public safety, Victoria Police says.

The public is advised to take extra caution around th일산출장안마e park following the death of teenager Adam Goodes this morning, the police said.

“There has been a number of reports of armed, loose or disturbed individuals coming into Sydney Park,” the Victoria Police statement said.

“To assist in ensuring safe access to the park, police are now liaising with local community members to prevent any further attacks and incidents.”

Police advise against using “self-defence” if faced with an “armed criminal”.

Police have posted a picture of an officer in plain clothes at Sydney Park in구미출장샵 an effort to identify the man responsible for Saturday’s tragic incident.

“If you witness an armed criminal, please call police and remain calm and respectful,” the Victoria Police statement said.

It also urged “carefree and innocent pedestrians, cyclists and others to pay attention”.

“If you feel intimidated by people in the city centre, please consider calling the police and speaking to the officer immediately. Remember, it is your community that can make it very difficult for criminals to get away with their crimes.

“It’s also important for all people to remain calm and respectful to each other and to other pedestrians.

The Victoria Police statement said an assault on a police officer was the most likely result of the weekend’s violence.

On Sunday morning, witnesses reported seeing two young people, in black tops, run into Sydney Park, but not leaving.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact C에스엠 카지노rime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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