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Fbi probes iraq niger uranium claim [Sydney Morning Herald]

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The US military is ‘out o

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Friday morning finance report

Friday morning finance report

Borrowing and spending at banks and mortgage lenders fell sharply, pushing the benchmark 10-year total to a record low of ¥24 trillion as worries about the effects of gl더킹카지노주소obal deflation lingered, while data from Japan’s central bank showed inflation at a record high.

The report indicated that net borrowing by banks jumped from 네이버 룰렛¥17.3 trillion a year earlier to ¥19 trillion, while loans to mortgage companies surged from ¥1.96 trillion a year earlier to ¥1.92 trillion in July, with a higher debt-to-gross domestic product ratio on average.

Total net borrowing by banks increased to ¥24 trillion and spending from ¥19 trillion to ¥20.6 trillion. At Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, the ratio grew to nearly 1.0, while at Mizuho Bank, lending to households to help make up for lower growth in real disposable income grew시흥안마 from ¥7.5 trillion in March to ¥8.6 trillion this month.

Bank lending to homes increased from ¥3.3 trillion a year ago to ¥3.6 trillion this month, while the same went for mortgages to help make up for higher growth in consumption.

The ¥23.3 trillion gap between debt servicing expenses and consumer spending could rise further in July, as the government’s monthly policy review and the central bank’s policy rate vote came amid a weakening economy, according to the survey.

The survey showed that retail sales rose by 0.8 percent in July from a month earlier, as domestic demand grew despite slower domestic consumption. Meanwhile, industrial activity and manufacturing contracted at the same time, suggesting weakness was in the sector.

Growth at the three major manufacturers shrank a tenth from a year earlier after their monthly manufacturing payrolls fell at a faster clip than a month earlier, the survey showed.

Japan’s Economy, Shocks and Forecasts, released Tuesday, showed that the yen, the currency denominated in U.S. dollars, weakened against the U.S. dollar last week on hopes that the United States would decide to hike its support for Japan’s exporters, while the value of its 10-year bond yield rose to its lowest since June 2013.

On Thursday, economists will give the finance ministry another opportunity to respond to what they view as increasing riskier financial conditions in Japan, and to clarify the scope of the government’s fiscal consolidation policy. The survey shows that the government is expected to lower interest rates to 4