Turkey pledges peacekeepers awaits funding details

Turkey pledges peacekeepers awaits funding details

Hamas said on Tuesday it had submitted a plan for deploying 20,000 troops and police to southern Lebanon, to bolster Lebanon’s security against potential attacks and sabotage by Israel.

The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood and Hezbollah are key allies of Hamas, the largest Islamist group in Lebanon.

But Israel has oppos로투스 홀짝ed the inclusion of Syria in the plan, saying that to양산출장마사지o much time was needed before a national unity government could form, and that Hamas would oppose it.

Under that scenario, it has urged the Syrian government, led by Mr Assad, to join forces with Hezbollah, as a possible partner of choice. But Mr Assad has said that any unity deal must include political and security unity.

It was not immediately clear if the Syrian move to join forces with Hezbollah would have significant impact, or if it would be welcomed as a positive step.

But the move could provide Hezbollah with more influence over government 에그 벳matters, a key goal for it in Lebanon, where it enjoys a substantial presence and political clout.

Ties between Hezbollah and Hamas strained to their lowest point in 2012, after Syria allowed the two groups to join forces following an agreement to disarm in exchange for the return of a long-sought nuclear program.