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Us condemns al qaeda attack on obama in Boston

Us condemns al qaeda attack on obama in Boston

Al Qaeda released a video showing the Boston marathon bombing attack. They claimed responsibility for the attack.

Al Qaida announce예스카지노d the attack on Twitter and declared a jihad against President Obama. Al Qaida says the U.S. has abandoned its values. The group said it will take revenge for the Boston Marathon attacks.

They also pledged war on the U.S., and threatened retaliation if the U.S. refuses to defeat al qaeda.

What should U.S. people take away from this event?

This is the latest충주안마 in a series of terrorist attacks across the United States. This is not th마이다스 카지노e first time this has happened, and there has been many such incidents. But it is the deadliest one in recent history.

It comes in the backdrop of President Obama’s announcement about increased drone strikes.