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Stoner hoping for australian cold front:

Stoner hoping for australian cold front:

“It’s like looking at the sky and it’s freezing. You see mountains around you and no raindrops on them. It’s amazing what makes this weather look this nice in California. I just think it’s amazing.”

For the record… I know I’m off by a few paragraphs as the words don’t flow like they did in July when I was in Seattle… so here goes nothing from my perspective.

The weather we had in Seattle was like a warm summer day in California. Snowpack in late August is low at our usual average. The snow on roads are light. But here’s the catch. It was a blizzard as far as I knew. I didn’t even see the car pass over our street. The snow and ice just went everywhere and all of our snow tires went up on the front bumper. The driver said, “This is going to be a really cool ride.”

He was correct and I found myself riding home from work with a wet rear tire and an overgrown tire in the back. My only choice was to pullgta5카지노 out of the city and head back to Los Angeles to go back to work.

But that was only a 20 minute ride and we had no chance to stop and soak it all in. That’s all I got from it. I went back to the house, packed up my car and left. It was a beautiful day in Los Angeles.

On the return journey, I ended up leaving the car at the traffic lights at about 2 a.m. and headed back to Seattle. It was raining and dark so I was nervous, but with a quick trip through the rain I got to my destination without incident.

The cold front came.

I think I spent an entire day in Seattle. I never left. Even though I was supposed to take 양산출장안마the back roads back to LA. I was also driving the car down a stretch of highway and didn’t see the car come through the rain, I kept going and driving on.

I just got the good sense to let that snow slide by…

To get a deeper dive into what was going on in the summertime:

Snow and hail fell and snowbanks were coming over roads in August and early September. The snow that came in was heavy. Here are three photographs:

First here was a shot of snowbanks with a few inches of snow in the road.

Then a shot in a parking lot:

T제천출장샵he snow wa