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How the ms dhu death in custody case unfolded

How the ms dhu death in custody case unfolded

This year, a court held the family’s elder sister, the mother-in-law, and their daughter, the wife, under house arrest to prevent further violence by killing their younger brother in the family home in Nangarhar’s Bajaur area on Jan 1.

On Jan 28, local police arrested the accused husband, Mohd Fazel, after they learnt 크레이지 슬롯that his cousin, Shafiq Haddad, had been killed after he tried to help the sister. The family then went on a spree of violence for a day before their cousin was found dead in his home, with his wife, father-in-law and brother-in-law also injured.

On the basis of complaints, district police launched an investigation into allegations by the elder sister against the husband. However, the family and the authorities failed to settle the charges on time. On Saturday, however, the elder sister lodged an FIR with the Bajaur divisional police department and registered the case at the district court, with the chief public prosecutor also looking into it. The police said that the matter was under investigation by the police and other district police.

“The court, under its directions, iss라이브 바카라ued house arrest against the family members and banned the accused from entering the house.” The court ordered that the accused be questioned under the protection of Section 498-b of the Anti-Corruption and Safety Act, 2016, while in custody of the court.

Mansour said the family had lodged complaints against the police for failing to take action before they killed Shafiq, who was accused of murdering Shafiq’s brother and brother’s nephew. He said the case was now closed in a matter where the family was being supported by an advocate. Mansour said the accused’s brother, who is also in custody, had taken a statement under Section 295B of IPC when the family returned from Ghazni this morning to say that the investigation had begun.

In another twist to the case, the police arrested and charged the elder sister’s younger brother Mohd Aliyari, who too is alleged to be a member of the family, on February 25, on charges of failing to arrest마사지 오일 him.

Published in Dawn, February 26th, 2016