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Govt urged to ratify un disability treaty for the blind and the paraplegic

Govt urged to ratify un disability treaty for the blind and the paraplegic

Raja Ram, former chief minister of Maharashtra and now an MLA from Rajasthan, urged the Centre to ratify unqualified disability status under the Disability Rights and Well Being (DRW) Act for the blind and the paraplegic.

Ram said the government should put all its efforts to reach out to all sections of society on making disability legal for all. He added that even though there is the possibility of reservation based on religious affiliation, some people find it difficult to change their religious views.

“A lot of people still have their religions but the question is whether they are aware of this fact. It’s because they are aware but they do not realise this is a very large change,” Ram said.

Ram also demanded that all religious denominations including Hi온 카지노ndu, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist and Jains should be accorded equal treatment under 영천안마the law.

He urged the government to put all efforts towards bringing out an agreement in the DRW Act that would give equal rights to the community.제천출장샵 He, however, did not deny the existence of discrimination against the blind and the paraplegic, stating that they face numerous challenges. “They suffer from a range of mental and physical conditions and are often in situations where they are too afraid or unable to walk away,” Ram said.

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