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Impoverished iraqis scavenge for spoils of war, but cannot leave to their children, who will die trying

Impoverished iraqis scavenge for spoils of war, but cannot leave to their children, who will die trying.

In recent days, armed groups across Iraq and Syria have used oil-rich fields of the northern province of Anbar to launch attacks and abduct men and loot supplies of oil from fields in Anbar as the United Nations warns it could go to “catastrophic levels” in the coming days and weeks, as oil prices drop by제주안마 about 30 percent.

Iraqi security forces on Tuesday closed major oilfields as part of a campaign in which they have captured or held oil, steel, sugar, fruit, vegetables, eggs and meat to a trickle. Iraqi army units are making significant gains in Anbar, which borders Syria, and are said to have seized two oil fields in the city of Tikrit, one on Tuesday that is believed to be worth as much as $3 billion, an oil source in Anbar confirmed.

Iraqi police forces, backed by airstrikes from a U.S.-led coalition that is포항출장마사지 포항안마 backed by Arab nations and includes coalition warplanes, closed the Qayyarah oilfield, the source said. The oil is currently held in the custody of ISIS by a consortium of Iraqi oil companies, the source said.

Last week, a large number of ISIS fighters, women and children, including babies and toddlers, were freed in the northern oilfield of Tal Afar in the west of the country. The liberation brought a rush of money and military supplies, as well as oil, but a large group of civilians — about 1,000 women and 300 children — remain held by ISIS.

Oil experts, who spoke anonymously in order to discuss sensitive military matters, said the capture of Tal Afar oilfields in recent days showed the resilience of the Sunni tribal forces in Iraq’s Anbar governorate. The Tal Afar fields lie in a valley in the west of the country that is controlled by ISIS, according to a senior security source in Anbar, who is close to the area. The Islamic State is thought to be behind the capture of Tal Afar, where Iraqi army units have had the opportunity to gain some ground.

The field holds oil with a proven value of more than $300 million. The militants said their oil revenues were growing.

“We are seeing that the areas that the government has been focusing on are expanding because there’s less resistance from the t포커ribes,” said Maj. Gen. Ali Khalid al-Bakri of the Anbar provincial council, who is based in Anbar.