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Donald trump jr speaks at republican convention in Philadelphia

Donald trump jr speaks at republican convention in Philadelphia. We now live in America where I won’t say that we are going to abolish the IRS. We are going to make America great again”. This was a little too much too early to say. But what he actually said was pretty clear. That we don’t need a new IRS, but we need to make America so rich that nobody has to worry about paying their taxes. We’ll bring our money back. If we don’t make these countries rich again, then the rich nations will take it from us.

For me, the moment that I realised that Donald Trump was just that much more dangerous than Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton and that he wasn’t going to be taken seriously by anyone, that moment came when he took on the banks and they refused to give back $700 billion to their own citizens. He fought back, that’s what’s amazing about Donald Trump. He was an amazing guy and a great leader. And the whole world wanted to get behind him and cheer him on and it just wasn’t true. It didn’t work in Greece; they left. And yet Donald Trump beat George Bush and beat Hillary Clinton, and he won on this wave of anger, rage. And you can’t bring these people together; it’s not possible. So Trump is leading by example, but Jeb Bush has already been through it twice and Hillary Clinton is just as much of a loser. She has to move forward because she was a little bit bit caught up in this campaign. She had to be very careful that she didn’t try to be a champion for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, which she’s doing, but she didn’t like the look of her hair and so she just didn’t see오피m too serious about doing what she has to do and doing things that she believes she can do. So now that Trump has taken on the banks and he is CDC 철도청 카지노saying it won’t be necessary anymore, I think that’s a huge victory for people in the United States to realise that the system is broken. It’s broken at every level.

I think people are going to continue to think he is a nice guy. You know, maybe not very nice. Because at first, he has said some big things, and then it comes out that he is a bit mean to a lot of people. Then it comes out that he was saying awful things that weren’천안출장샵 천안출장안마t really meant in that kind of tone. Then that is a huge shock, but if he is going to be President, he has to change what he has been saying for