Police investigate springvale shooting

Police investigate springvale shooting

The shooting occurred just a few blocks from the White House.

A security guard with the Secret Service says the suspect was known to the agency. He says the suspect was not part of the group of people who were attending the march. The guards say that the shooting was isolated to one group, and that it’s too early to draw any conclusions about what started the violence. They also say they don’t believe it was related to the fact that a second demonstration has already taken place Monday evening.

The guard tells NBC 4 we have no idea whether the suspect is connected to either of the planned demonstrations. He says they are still investigating it.

The Secret Service says they have seen no indications of trouble with anyone at this point. In a statement, they have emphasized the importance of being aware of your surroundings, and that everyone should remain civil and cooperate if they feel something is amiss.

The officers also urge people who may have witnessed the incident to contact Crime Stoppers, or contact 911 at (866) 373-TIPS.

UPDATE (2:51 PM): Here is more information from a Secret Service spokesman who says the shooting occurred near the White House.

There was a shooting at the presidential motorcade and in a security cordon, but we do not believe this is connected to Saturday’s demonstration and there is no information to suggest a threat.

The White House was evacuated and all personnel returned to normal duties. We have not been able to confirm the exact identity of the솔레어 카지노 victim or the shooter, but we believe that he or she was not the one who was hurt during the incident.

The Secret Service confirms 로투스 홀짝a Presidential Security detail was on duty in the area, and all of their officers will remain at the White House to work security details during this crisis. There were no injuries at this time. The person being sought is in custody.

We will remain on the site and monitor the situation closely.

UPDATE (5:25 PM): The Associated Press reports that a gunman is in custody following the shooting. This is just one of several violent confrontations between protesters and police in recent months.

“People have been shot and injured in the last few months on the National Mall,” says the AP. “The White House was on lockdown Wednesday for the second consecutive night after a shooting in a parking lot near the White House’s White House visitors center and a security guard there said that he heard shots being fired영양출장샵 and the gunman was taking cover in a nearb