Police renew plea for clues to karratha attack that killed three on bus

Police renew plea for clues to karratha attack that killed three on bus


Some of the people who have been questioned in connection with the gangland killing of three young men on a Sydney bus are not expected to make an appearance in court on Wednesday.

Police believe one suspect has already been charged with killing three men on Monday night on bus No. 14, and two are awaiting trial on murder and attempted murder charges in relation to that shooting.

The victims, who all live in Sydney, had been waiting to leave Sydney’s north west for their jobs around 10:20pm when a man and a woman got out of the back of the bus and began firing on a group of young men who were on the back.

One witness said it appeared the gun they were carrying was a.45-calibre rifle.

The bus was on its way to Port Phillip, outside the city, when the shot was fired.

Police say a total of seven men were killed inside the bus before five men, aged in their teens and 20s, were shot dead by the gunman.

But detectives a인터넷 바카라re struggling to locate the three young men believed to have been involved in the attack in the northern suburb of Port Phillip.

Police are not talking about who the gunman is, and they are looking for a vehicle seen in the Port Phillip area where the men were on the bus.

Detective Senior Sergeant Simon Brown, from the Port Phillip Local Area Command, says the shooting happened on the morning of Monday, June 2.

“It was a horrific, tragic incident,” he said.

솔레어 카지노“We have identified at least seven deceased… and seven people in custody, and we believe at least one suspect has also been charged in relation to the shooting, with c카지노 사이트harges of murder and attempted murder against him.”

The four-star hotel they were staying at was empty when they were attacked, but it has been rented to the victims by the police on several occasions.

Detective Sergeant Brown says the victims were sleeping and went to their rooms on the bus but not to use the bathroom.

“We’re calling it an act of violence where the victim got shot in the back and there’s no way the person behind him was the only one who could’ve done that,” he said.

“We have to work with the suspect to make sure he doesn’t do that again.”

Detective Superintendent John Lough said the victims’ families have been told that they will be making an official statemen