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Vic govt blamed for regional job losses

Vic govt blamed for regional job losses카지노

The province is blaming the federal Conservatives and the Ontario Liberals for reducing job numbers in its urban areas.

The province says the cuts come from cuts from previous governments’ Employment Insurance (EI) programs.

That has allowed fewer people to get their hours working but raised demand in non-profits and government departments, it says.

The Liberals and Conservatives both say EI cuts aren’t enough to address growing provincial costs for caring for elderly and disabled people.

Coderre has been trying to reduce EI costs, arguing it hasn’t been able to meet demand or keep pace with inflation.

But he says, under his conservative government, EI is projected to reduce budget deficits in the first five years from $1.6 billion this year to $1.2 billion this year.

But the Liberals are saying it won’t be enough.

They say the NDP will not support any of the government’s EI reforms.

“I think if we were to eliminate our EI in that way, there wouldn’t be any change for families who were being hit the hardest by that EI cuts and that’s why our budget우리 카지노 is $1.2 billion under the Liberals’ leadership, it’s $1.6 billion in cuts under 창원출장안마the NDP’s,” said Finance Minister Dwight Duncan.

The provincial government says those cuts have brought a loss to the taxpayer of about $4 billion.

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