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Anti porn group attacks brothel plan on Twitter Read more

Anti porn group attacks brothel plan on Twitter Read more

The plan has come under attack from the gay rights movement and the Christian Lobby. It had already been announced that a similar petition would go to the prime minister as soon as the new government was sworn in. The petition had been expected to get some 12,000 signatures by 5 December.

It is not known if the same petition has been ba김천출장마사지cked by all the main LGBT groups. The Human Rights Campaign, which represents gay and trans equality, has endorsed it.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest The National Network of Anti-Homophobia Societies released a statement saying gay men and lesbians should not have to risk life and limb in the sex trade. Photograph: David M. Benett/Getty Images

“I think that gay men and lesbians should not be in danger as a result of this proposal and I think there shou구리안마ld be a law to protect them from that,” said the executive director of the Network of Anti-Homophobia Societies, Paul Clements. “I have serious concerns about this proposal. It’s wrong.”

On the gay scene, meanwhile, the coalition has been forced to take a back seat to concerns raised by some prominent people in the industry about the plan. The president of London’s gay bar, the Blue and Gold, and gay film producer Alan Giddens, who have been campaigning for changes to the law since it was announced, said: “I am very strongly against that. I don’t trust the prime minister, and I don’t trust that any government minister is going to be able to make this law without his or her own support.”

Facebook Twitter Pinterest The gay pride banner in downtown London. Photograph: David M. Benett/Getty Images

The coalition was elected to the opposition in a landslide by gay and bisexual people in the past eight elections, but this time it was able to전립선 pick up just one seat, in London and Essex.

The bill, which currently has about 4,700 signatures, was initially expected to pass with a simple majority. There are now doubts whether it can pass, according to one poll, because of the fact that many opponents of it are backed by the Catholic Church, the LGBT community and business groups.

“There are lots of members who feel this is another attack on same sex marriage, on equality, on religious freedom,” said Bill Hayter, the gay activist and gay rights activist. “There is fear that this bill is an attack on all these things.”