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Mundine soliman exchange jibes at you

Mundine soliman exchange jibes at you

Sebastien Gourgoun, 27, who plays “Nadja,” and his boyfriend, Christian Diefenbaker, 29, walk together before a soccer match in front of Paris Saint-Germain’s Stade Bernardo last year ©AFP

Sebastien Gourgoun said: “The players were so nice and the atmosphere is so good. Everybody was really nice.

“We went straight to bed at five o’clock in the morning, and had a nice night together and then, when I woke up that morning, there were cops outside our house. They gave us all a big yellow card: ‘Violence, violence.’

“Then, when they went in the door and showed us a letter saying that, ‘You have been expelled from the French national team,’ I 온라인 카지노started crying because I could not believe that would happen to me because I loved French players.”

At first, the police allowed Gourgoun and Diefenbaker to sleep inside the house during curfew hours while they took photos and video of themselv안산안마es in the club.

But after that, the couple were told to leave. “I told them: ‘No, let’s not move. I love you guys so much,'” said Gourgoun.

“Now the police have kicked out everyone who had been invited in to see me that night. I was never invited to play in this club – for sure I was not in포커 의 신vited at all,” he said, adding that it will be hard to get a ticket again next time.

Diefenbaker says that the couple’s nightmare is over with, but says that they feel betrayed by the French authorities.

“The police have behaved as if all the players will face disciplinary action from the federation, but the truth is that it was a misunderstanding because we were friends with one of their friends on the team,” said Diefenbaker. “They don’t really give a damn about the French fans.

“It’s very weird that the team and those who have won a lot of medals do not give any support at all to those who are being expelled.”

Paris Saint-Germain striker Yannick Ferreira, 30, left the team for France’s Olympic games two weeks ago ©Getty Images

Despite France’s long-standing love affair with Ligue 1’s elite La Liga and its football-hungry fans, Marseille’s coac