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Sa premier mike rann talks about desal plant deal with india

Sa premier mike rann talks about desa슬롯 머신l plant deal with india

Bangalore: A meeting between state Chief Minister M K Stalin and Indira Gandhi on Friday to discuss the desal plant with her government was a “major step” in setting India apart from the rest of the world, the government’s external affairs minister said.

He said the meeting was a “major step” to ensure that “new India” would have a solid plan for securing desal water to meet its needs.

“That is part of our agenda007카지노로얄 to make India stand apart from other countries. India’s desal project is a significant step to achieve that goal,” M K Stalin told reporters after attending a three-day India-US meeting here, the state press reports.

India is planning to begin supplying water from sea to about 70% of its cities by 2017, the report added.

“Our commitment is that at best 80% desal water will come from sea,” he added.

India needs about 200-300 billion litres of desal water a year to meet its needs, a project worth Rs 6,000 crore as opposed to about Rs 1,500 crore from current desal pumps.

The report al포항출장마사지강남 마사지so said the project could help India to reduce its dependence on imports.

Stalin said that it was the government’s goal to meet all its needs with the help of “a reliable supply of a reliable source of water”.

This would be achieved using both domestic and international desal technology, he added.