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Online-Dating Horror Stories. The champions of our essay competition.

Online-Dating Horror Stories. The champions of our essay competition.


I t’s 2009. Interact with a man on an abundance of Fish. He picks me personally up within my household. We check out an ice cream store. He has got simply keep coming back from military training that is basic the main topics discussion is only going to be by what real material he’s discovered just how to do here. We attempt to replace the subject to literally such a thing other than how quick he can rise something and hand-to-hand fighting tactics, but to no avail. We exit the ice cream store. He sets me in a headlock. The clients in quietly about watch me flail, wanting to escape. He releases me personally through the headlock, describes the way I need to have escaped their hold. We check out the films. We sit back in a theater that is empty. He cranes their throat, believes he hears one thing. Leaves to go try it out. Ten mins pass by. We hear one thing on the ground to my left. He is military crawling toward me personally on their belly going to grab my ankles and frighten me. We complete the film and then leave. To never see one another once more. —Jessi Miles

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Runners Up

O n a 2nd conference with a guy, we invited him up to my destination. We consented he’d keep whenever it got dark (I experienced to pack for getaway). He wouldn’t move as it got time to leave. We saw him have a swig from the 5th of one thing he stashed in their backpack. He began slurring their terms and I also had to holler to have him down. It took a couple of minutes of hollering. Once we left the bed room, we saw their boxers therefore I picked them up and handed them to him. He tossed them over their neck into my bedroom without looking right straight back.