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Lesbian Sex 101: A How-To Guide For Novices

Lesbian Sex 101: A How-To Guide For Novices

What exactly is ‘lesbian sex’? How can two ladies have even intercourse? I have these concerns a good bit and we actually have why it is misinterpreted; intercourse between two ladies is not discussed sufficient, nor are we educated as young ones that it’s a little tricky to understand about it… so it’s no surprise.

So, today I’m here to impart a number of my expert and private knowledge and hot guidelines with you about novices sex that is lesbian. This short article is aimed for females who’re wondering, or planning to have intercourse with women but know that is don’t to start. Oh and if you take into account your self an ‘advanced’ lesbian, sit tight, there’s more articles coming your path as soon as possible.

Before I commence, please keep in mind that i am aware we all have been experiencing woman-on-woman intercourse in completely different and unique means … i will be certainly not preaching the ‘truth’ about lesbian intercourse, in other words from individual experience (I became in a relationship with a lady for five years) and what’s struggled to obtain me personally, my buddies and my mentoring consumers.

Here’s my top guidelines:

# 1 become familiar with your personal pussy

Yes it’s true … no part of wanting to navigate the right path around another woman’s pussy when you haven’t navigated the right path around your very own. Get to know her really, well. I’m maybe not saying every pussy is comparable, in fact you’ll find that people are typical really unique in the way we look, taste, smell and feel. Nevertheless the structure is the identical, therefore grab a mirror to get knowledgeable about your self today.

Consider a whole lot of pictures of various pussys and read about pussy physiology in Chapter 2 of my e-book, just how to Have Great Sex every single day.