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Three more killed in mexico flash floods

Three more killed in mexico flash floods

I’ll never forget the first and last photos I took from our flight over Mexico City. A Mexica바카라사이트n pilot asked my friends to look into the cockpit. He told me he’d been on a flight from New York for nearly two months and was having trouble getting fuel. His flight was carrying three pilots, one for every hour of the flight, and they were all sleeping in their sleeping bags.

I knew it wasn’t just one person. Two or three people were watching their pilots. They were all crying. I saw them, and I remember thinking, “These are tough guys.” We had to wait three hours for a fuel tanker to arrive.

That pilot had been married in the US to a US citizen. He came home and didn’t see the photos that I saw. In fact, his wife hadn’t even spoken to him and had not seen them. He had been in the Philippines flying to Europe, flying back to Mexico. He wasn’t back home for three days. I couldn’t bring myself to photograph him. And I couldn’t bring myself to say something about the terrible disaster. We’ve been trying to figure it out ever since.

When we got back, he was in shock. I don’t know if it was shame or grief or he got really upset and told my colleagues to give me no contact. I went off to my conference and went straight to sleep.

The next day, someone showed up at my hotel to tell me that my pictures were gone. No one had taken any photos of him. I was devastated. My colleagues didn’t know it, but that night there was a mass exodus of all my photos and my photos of that flight. Most of the passengers who were aboard that plane were going to leave Mexico, because they just weren’t good to go back home to. And after the second day there was no one to go back to after the tragedy. The plane made a quick detour because they couldn’t find another jet to take us back to Mexico and they had to make the long trip.

They had to stay th우리카지노ere for another day or two, because they couldn’t get enough fuel to go back to Los Angeles. Eventually바카라사이트, they had to take it to El Paso. And so it was, a long journey home. My colleagues were shocked at how fast it all went. They’d never really been to Mexico before and not from one of my pictures. They thought I was crazy, that I must have fallen from the plane, because the plane wa