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Fisherman drowns off christmas island in Florida

F바카라isherman drowns off christmas island in Florida

Rescuers have scoured the remote island, which is known as Christmas Island, for the bodies of a dead man believed to have drowned in the early hours of Wednesday.

It is believed that the man, an electrician, was trying to swim to the shore after he was washed away in the current, and was then swept by the waves into the ocean.

The body of the man is believed to have been that of an estimated 48-year-old woman, who is understood to have died in the past 24 hours.

Police say an autopsy will now be carried out on the body to determine the cause of death.

Local radio station WBRC reports that rescue workers were preparing to deploy life jackets when the man went into the water. They have warned that the man’s body may not float at all due to the cu더킹카지노rrent that was carrying him.

He has now been rescued by the local fire service and local community members.

The island has been in widespread chaos for several days, with a heavy presence of local police and a massive police presence at Christmas Island.

The authorities have been working at Christmas Island since Monday to try and find out more about the cause of the man’s death.

In the aftermath of the man’s apparent drownings, the local media reports that the island was briefly placed under a state of emergency, as a “measuring stick” to see if residents were in danger.

Official우리카지노s on Wednesday began to release pictures of the body of the suspected killer.